Thursday, June 25, 2020

checked the box

Did a deeper dive into the Washington Double Star database. Extracted the 12-18 hour data set and parsed in Excel. Over 30 000 entries.

Used an advanced filter. Learned some tricks for text substring techniques. Applied 64 constraints to make a box around the imaged zone (revealed with the full mosaic).

On the precise coordinates field, any coordinate starting with RA 192 or 1930 or 1931 or 1932 and with +20, 21, 22, or 230 for the declination. In other words, from RA 19h 20m to 19h 32m by +20° 0' to +23° 10' declination. Less than 8 square degrees.

Separation had to be greater than 1 and the magnitudes had to be less than 16. That gave me 47 items. Half of those will still out of range, in gaps, or not visible or not splittable. That left about 20 known doubles in the box...

HJ 886 (inside the open cluster NGC 6793)
SLE 939 (3rd and 4th stars of 886)
SLE 940
TDT 1421
STF 2515 (a triple)
SLE 942
SLE 943
WSI 22
STF 3111
SLE 946
KPP 439
STF 2523 (a triple... well...)
KRU 8 (near Σ2523)
HLM 23 (near Σ2523)
J 1221
LDS 1023
COU 516

I plotted all those... In general, all visible and splittable in my images.

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