Wednesday, June 17, 2020

delivered dew heater talk

Delivered my presentation on a custom dew strap build for an eyepiece or camera lens. This was the middle talk in the Recreational Astronomy Night (RAN) online meeting for the RASC Toronto Centre. Felt pretty good in the delivery, tried to reduce my "ums," did not have transparent devil eyes, and finished on time.

Shared a link to the build article:

During the question period, a comment by Eric B was relayed. Bizarrely he hinted at that dew heaters were not required and that a dew cap was the best line of defence. Hello?! What? Why would someone make a comment like that? Have you not observed in heavy dew? Passive caps only delay the problem. But even that is moot: I'm talking about a solution when one has already decided they need an active dew strategy. Or that, like me, they have dew heating equipment and it has failed. Get it? Are you with me?! What are we talking about exactly? I was talking about eyepieces primarily. I'm sure Eric was talking about a dew cap on the objective! The comment made no sense. Why on Earth was that comment made? To undermine perhaps? It just seems inappropriate. Alas, I think I responded adequately at the time. I can always add framing comments later.

Hopefully my talk shows people that if they need a dew heater and they have the talent, tools, and nichrome wire, they can build themselves an inexpensive heating element.


Full evening video is up on the channel:

My piece is starts at 38:52 and runs through to 1:14:30.

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