Friday, June 26, 2020

answered gears question

Bob Grueneberg posted a question on the Barn Door Tracker YouTube video.
You said in the talk that the full plans are available???  I'm curious where to buy the gears.
I replied.
My full build notes are here: but please note I did not buy each individual component so I'm afraid I cannot tell you were to get the gears exactly.  The starting kit came from a fellow astronomy member and the kit came with motor, motor gear, main drive gear, curved rod, some electronic bits, etc. 

See my blog note for more details and a photo. 

This is all based on Gary Seronik's design...  But I would think any hobby store would have the parts you need.  Motor gear has 16 teeth; main drive has 64 teeth.  That ratio is important. Gary says he got his from Stock Drive Products/Sterling Instruments.  You need to drive the main gear at 1 RPM.
Hope that helps.

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