Tuesday, April 14, 2020

viewed arc of planets and Moon (Bradford)

Ahead of the alarm, I woke up. Visited the library. But before that, peeked out the kitchen window. Ah ha. A third quarter Moon. It was clear. OK. I'll do some early morning astronomy... Ugh. But low, in the trees. I was a bit early. I could let the sky rotate a bit.

So I crawled back into bed. And when the alarm did go off at 5, I snoozed it.

I headed outside. It was brisk. Snow on the ground. Birds starting up.

Enjoyed red Mars, beige Saturn, and Jupiter, and the bright but yellowed Moon, just skipping over the tree line in the south. Mars was about two times the distance of Jupiter from Saturn.

I could see one Jovian moon in Bushnells. Ganymede I bet. I could see the canted rings of Saturn. The intense colour of Mars popped in the old bins.

Spotted the Summer Triangle and Bo├Âtes up high.

Worth the view.

You awake?

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