Tuesday, April 07, 2020

found ACO 1656 (Halifax)

Weird. I didn't know BGO shot this...

I still had the galaxy group ACO 1656 in my queue and processed the job last night. I don't know when. I found it in my completed list while working on HD 119702. I didn't mean for this job to run and should have put a maxmoon filter on it... Oops.

galaxy group ACO 1656 in luminance

Luminance only at 13 seconds, 10 subs.

The image is centred on GSC 01995 02059. The prominent members are NGC 4484 [ed: correction! 4884] on the left or east and NGC 4874 to the west.

I think there are another two dozen galaxies in this image...

The bright star is HD 112887.


I misread the Twitter feed 'round midnight. I thought it was shooting the double star. That run didn't happen until 3 hours later.


I forgot that I had viewed this grouping back in June 2018 at the CAO with the C14.


Imaged again with a better result on 18 Apr '20.

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