Saturday, April 04, 2020

attended NEAF virtually

Tuned in from the beginning 10:00 AM...

Interesting, the ads. Someone said astronomy ads are ones we actually enjoy watching. I learned stuff. I knew about the Celestron NexYZ but it was a neat video. The new QHY cameras sound very good. NEAF The Virtual ExperienceThe Celestron StarSense Explorer with a smartphone looks clever although one will want to use red-light mode. The Explore Scientific Dobsonian with collimation tool is a fantastic idea.

The talks were cool. I enjoyed Jani Radebaugh's presentation on the Dragonfly mission to Titan, one of the first flying drones to venture into the solar system. Samuel Hale's talk on the Mount Wilson Observatory and his grandfather was fascinating. I found Thomas Zurbuchen of NASA inspiring and uplifting.

Despite technical glitches, RAC did an amazing job.

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