Wednesday, April 01, 2020

top Stellarium shortcuts

I made a "top" list for shortcuts in Stellarium.

Like any rich and mature software application, there are many. There are so many in fact that it can feel quite overwhelming. I thought I'd make a short list of the ones I use all the time. I use them so often that they now stick in my memory. I tried to whittle this down as much as possible.

Note: When the Macintosh method is different than Windows, I show the technique after a semi-colon.
  • zoom close to selected object: / (slash)
  • zoom out fully: \ (backslash)
  • zoom in OR out: PgUp; Fn Up Arrow OR PgDn; Fn Down Arrow
  • quickly pan celestial sphere: drag
  • select an object: click
  • centre on selected object: spacebar
  • deselect an object: right-click; ⌘-click
  • set date/time to now: 8
  • increase time flow: l (lower case L)
  • decrease time flow (or reverse it): j
  • run time at normal rate (real-time): k
  • forward OR backward 1 day (solar): = (equal) OR - (hyphen)
  • toggle cardinal compass direction points: q
  • toggle constellation stick figures: c
  • toggle constellation boundaries: b
  • toggle constellation labels: v
  • toggle deep sky/nebula labels/indicators: n or d
  • toggle altitude/azimuth OR equatorial grid: z OR e
  • toggle ecliptic (planets) path: , (comma)
  • toggle meridian (N-zenith-S) line: ; (semi-colon)
You can see that some are mnemonic so will hopefully help you recall.

All tolled, there are over 120 mouse-keyboard shortcuts in Stellarium, particularly when you have a number of plug-ins active.

See my complete list for other shortcuts.

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