Wednesday, April 01, 2020

spittin' image

Ha ha. That's not the Kuiper belt asteroid 2014 MU69 aka Ultima Thule aka Arrokoth visited by the New Horizons spacecraft.

I had a good laugh (need 'em these days) when I saw the Astronomy Picture of the Day, the APOD for 1 April 2020. Jack Sutton photographed a funny lookin' tater.

Jack's odd pomme de terre

See the APOD photo from 29 Jan 2019 from the NASA team.

our odd Kuiper belt object

When I reached out to Jack for his permission, we had an amusing conversation. I told him this hit the mark for me. Two of my favourite things.

He said that he sent it to APOD back in May 2019 but didn't hear back. He assumed they didn't find it all that amusing. He was as surprised as anyone when they featured it.

Then he told me he still had the potato and that it looked even more like an asteroid now that it has dried out.

Jack shared he was in lock-down in the UK. He might have to eat the peculiar spud! Yum.

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