Sunday, April 05, 2020

Venus just east of the Pleiades (Bradford)

Finished the run from the driveway. That worked out pretty great, thanks to Rhonda. Quick looks during the run looked promising. The last frame (of 30).

Venus east of the Pleiades

Canon 40D (unmodified), Vivitar Series 1 zoom lens 70-210 at approximately 135, f/8, no filter, manually focused, Fotodiox M42 adapter with Dandelion chip, 30 second exposure, ISO 800, in-camera noise subtraction, shot RAW, shade white balance, controlled by Backyard EOS. Filter removed. Atop custom barn door tracker with alt-az base and Mamiya tripod. Pre-processed in DPP: corrected white balance, shifted white balance, brightness, contrast, highlights, levels, slight curve.


Again, a single frame. Took about a dozen shots which I want to stack.


Magnitude limit appears to be around 9.4. About 65 stars within the Pleiades open cluster are visible.

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