Thursday, April 02, 2020

saw Venus and the Seven Sisters (Bradford)

I planned our evening walk a bit later and via the water reservoir beside the old water tower. An 8:00 PM departure would put us the top of the hill as the sky was getting dark. And it was fantastic.

Rhonda and I took in Venus just below the Pleiades star cluster (aka Messier 45 or M45). My old clunker Bushnell binoculars atop Mamiya tripod. It was a fantastic view, a lovely composition. As they sky darkened, we saw more and more stars. Upwards of 25. Wow.

Excellent transparency tonight; poor seeing.

I also aimed to Great Orion Nebula (aka Messier 42 or M42). The glowing clouds were not visible but θ (theta) 1 and 2 where easily spotted, between ι (iota) and 42/45 Orionis.

I also think I spotted the ISS, just ending it's flyover. A bright spot in the east slowing fading, turning orange, then gone. [ed: Confirmed with Stellarium. 8:31 PM according to the app.]

My shadow followed me home.

Beautiful sky.

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