Monday, April 06, 2020

beat the drum

I sent a note to RASC Toronto members on the centre forum with the subject line: "Turn off the TV." I told people I was planning on heading to the backyard and I encouraged them to do the same. That was at 6:56 PM. I was very pleasantly surprised at the uptake!

At 7:07 PM, Claudio said, "Challenge accepted! Thank you, Blake." Awesome!

Reza shared photos and info on his Sky-Watcher AZ GTi mount setup with 3-D printed accessories.

Tim L chimed in from Ferndale having spotted a lovely meteor 9:00 PM.

Richard Blackman said he "took the advice and photographed Venus, the Pleiades, and a UFO." He shared his result at 9:50. He also noted it was his "first effort at such a task." Well done. And then he said, it was "Better than CNN for sure!" Indeed.

At 10:31, Tom H checked in.
I spent an hour tonight with Sissy Hass’s double star guide and my trusty vintage Celestron SC—and I didn’t think ONCE about the mess down here—how truly calming amateur Astronomy is right now!
Wow. That was fantastic on so many levels.

After midnight, Claudio posted his planetary and lunar images. Nice.

What a joyous thing, that a few people enjoyed the night.

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