Friday, April 24, 2020

the speaking circuit

OK. I'm on deck for a few events.

Paul Markov, for the RASC Toronto Centre, booked me to talk about "How to share observations and photos" at the May 27 online meeting and then my "Custom dew heater" for the June 17 meeting. The "sharing" topic is a redux of something I did 5 years ago at the DDO. The June dew topic will be new. But it'll be fun showing the work on this project.

Then today Jenna Hinds invited me to speak for the May 5 RASC national Insider's Guide webinar, on double stars! This was upon Chris Vaughan's reco. Chris was keen on including a session about double stars and said that I could talk about them for hours on end. "Just shut up already."

Feels like I should get tour t-shirts done up!

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