Sunday, April 12, 2020

designed new Dec cover

Reworked the IDEA GoToStar declination motor cover, in advance of 3D printing. Actually, I started from scratch...

I need a proper cover to protect the motor, particularly the encoder wheel and sensor. Also, an opaque cover or shield is needed to block stray light from hitting the sensor (otherwise it goes bonkers). The stock black plastic surround no longer fits on the Vixen Super Polaris, given the custom motor mount. Well, not without a lot of hacking and cutting.

Four years ago (wow) I had a go at designing a custom cover in 123D. But I shelved the project when I learned the print time was a few years (on an Ultimaker).

new Dec cover design

This design is shallower, on the "bottom" surface maybe by 2 or 3mm. This should reduce collisions with the Dec lock lever. That said, I'm not anticipating any issues here.

However, in reducing the depth of the cover, I had to add a blister to accommodate for wires to the motor, as they hump over the circuit board. Lengthened the cutout for the gears.

I think this means that the existing spacers or standoffs will not fit. I'll have to get some different ones or otherwise hack the means of fastening to the motor assembly.

The cover is wider, particular on the gear side. Once printing, I will drill a small port hole to allow manual inspection of the gear mesh and motor action.

Added various channels to fit extrusions on the motor assembly and to fit under the edge of the motor mount.

I added some text, first time trying this. Had to do some more learnin' in 123D to figure this out. It'll be fun if it works.

Ward has offered to output the part on his Creality Ender-3 printer now that it is working again. Thanks!

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