Monday, April 13, 2020

enjoyed Frank's delta Gem report

Frank thanked me for my recent double star post. Then he shared the following on the RASC TC forum.
I thought that it might be interesting to mention my observation notes for delta GEM from your March list of doubles, in case anyone else had notes to compare.  This was a very interesting double star to try to observe because I was unable to see the companion during numerous attempts until Saturday evening a couple of days ago, when skies became mostly clear for several hours after sunset and seeing was quite good and steady.

I looked with my 6" f/10 Newtonian scope (one of my favourite scopes for double star observing) and couldn't see the companion with a magnification of 218x (using a 7mm orthoscopic eyepiece).  Then I looked through my 8" f/10.4 Newtonian scope (302x with the 7mm eyepiece) and I could clearly see the companion.  Nice double star!  The 8-magnitude companion beside the bright orange primary star was very nice.  Then I changed to an 18mm Brandon eyepiece which I like to use for double stars (117x) and the companion was just barely visible. 

It will be interesting to try to observe it again during good seeing conditions during the next month as the constellation gets lower (as well as future years).  It was definitely an interesting challenge!
I replied and shared some of my observations of delta Geminorum or Wasat or STF 1066 as well. And transcribed some stats from SkyTools.

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