Saturday, April 11, 2020

added a clothes pin

Ha! That was easy! I was looking for ideas on Weasner's Might ETX Site for improving focusing with the ETX 90. Silly tiny knob, a little hard to reach, difficult to finely tune. Found a note on building a flexible cable. I have aircraft cable so I rummaged around the bins to see if I could find the other pieces. Hrrm. Not much luck. Then I found a nicely designed extension rod with a Terry clip acting as a friction clutch. But in that article I saw a reference to a clothes peg. Hold the phone. Poured out the jar of clothespins and found a couple with big bores close to the end. Tried one and it works fantastically! Nearly 180° of motion! This makes it effectively a 4 to 5-inch diameter turning. Can't wait to try it.

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