Tuesday, April 07, 2020

queue oddity

Oddity. Or oddities...

I wasn't sure my double star image capture job was going to complete as the early part of the robotic telescope run was fraught with changing skies conditions.

For example, on the Twitter feed at 22:45:42, Burke-Gaffney Obs @smubgobs reported an error: "It became cloudy before starting an observation of VCAM (ID 10812)! It will be tried again another night.

But later things seemed to improve. I saw John Read and Dave Chapman's comet images.

Then, later, around 12:41, as I lurked, I saw the message: "A special observation of GSC0199502059 (ID 10723) for Blake Nancarrow is starting..." w00t! I immediately saved the image from Clear Sky Chart and captured the sky conditions (not great).

What I didn't realise, at the time, as that is was the job for ACO 1656!

I still didn't clue in when I saw the lack of response after the job. I was expecting it to finish in a few minutes. I chalked it up to a glitch.

So, in the end, what happened was that the galaxy group data was collected between 12:41 and 1:23 and the double star was shot around 4:00.

Still, I never received an email alert for the ACO run... Weird.

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