Saturday, April 11, 2020

changed wx dashboard

Reworked my weather dashboard portal pages (again), fixing some problems and adding new stuff. The one for home, from my blog companion site, is shown.

weather portal page dashboard for Bradford

Headed into this edit today hoping to correct the RSS feed problem with the Sky & Telescope magazine web site. After their complete redesign wherein they BROKE EVERY LINK, my RSS feeds stopped functioning. Found a new reference, happily.

But I also resolved a long-standing issue with the RSS feed when the S&T staff decided to use a long title. I was getting super-imposition with the bloople handler. So I moved the widget to the right, under John Walker's Your Sky image. This is a wider column in the hidden table.

So to keep that column short, to ensure the Clear Outside gauges stay above the fold, I moved the Env Can jet-stream graphic into the middle column.

In the new free space in the first column, I added the OVATION aurora graphic, for the north pole.

A few days ago, I had added the JavaScript for the current date and time.

Finally, the Env Can snips (managed with XHTML IFRAMEs) needed some minor adjustments to fit and flow better.

I like it.

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