Wednesday, April 15, 2020

almost missed the planets and Moon (Bradford)

Bolted awake. It was 5:56! I had forgotten to programme an alarm. Leaped out of bed, grabbed a sweater, and headed to the front door. Winter -100 boots, jacket, toque, binoculars.

From the backyard, I could see the Moon was much lower. As expected further east. From the deck I took in Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars. In the Bushnell 7x50s binos, I could see two moons flanking Jupiter. [ed: Europa (left/east) and Io.] Saturn seemed duller, tan coloured. I could easily see the rings. Saturn and la Luna fit in one binocular field. Orange Mars.

Looked straight up. Vega was visible. I tried scanning for Antares but couldn't see it. Arcturus punched through the western tree branches.

Brisk morning at minus 4 degrees. Birds were busy. Cardinals calling.

Whew. Almost missed it.

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