Tuesday, June 05, 2012

drove into good skies

By noon, the car was packed for an overnight stay at the Carr Astronomical Observatory. I was not unhappy at leaving the SCT behind. Counted whiskers and locked up. Jumped in the car noting a lot of clouds...

The first stop was No Frills in The Junction for supplies. I looked for some large cardboard boxes. One measuring 20x15x4" in particular, for the Oberwerk custom solar filter. Also, one or two big boxes for pin hole cameras. There were no big ones! Sheesh. And the banana boxes were a hair too small for filter cover. So, I picked up some food for dinner and hit the road.

Visions of a Champ burger danced thru my head. But I realised, once on the 26, I had overshot it, having taken the 400-Dunlop-Minesing route. Dang! I decided to press directly to the CAO.

For a while I followed a red SAAB with a mathematics themed licence plate. I did not know, at the time, it was Bryon. They went to Collingwood at Stayner; I continued west through Dundalk.

The skies improved the further north I went. Joy. No clear-sky-chasing would be required!

Around 2:30, I arrived. Was greeted by Lora, Phil, Skeena, Millie, Dietmar, Manuel G, Manuel S, Katrina, and Elaine and Tony. Excellent. A great crowd.

I unpacked my clothes and food from the car. Hey, where were my sandals?!

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