Monday, June 18, 2012

removed ignitor

The on-board barbecue lighter at the CAO had not worked for a time. And it was seemingly throwing off some of our members. I guess some have only used units with electric starters. And the more I thought about it, people trying to start a BBQ with flame, with little or no experience, might run into some trouble...

It was a nice afternoon. Not busy. While Ian toiled on his shed, I started to diagnose our 'cue. In the end, I could not get the ignitor module to work. So I removed it. Noted the part number.

During the removal, I checked the grills (fine), the "tents" (fine), the burners (tired), and the interconnecting "carryover" tubes (pooched). I also observed a lot of debris in the bottom... Needs a good cleaning. That should probably become a spring or fall work party regular item.

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