Saturday, June 09, 2012

Tim checked TCF

Tim L, before leaving the CAO, took a closer look at the Optec TCF-S focuser on the C14. Lately, it hasn't been working properly.

The first thing he noted was that the power switch was not off. This is not a critical thing but when the hand controller is powered off, the focuser system goes through a formal shutdown process, recording the focuser position and the temperature. Many, myself included, have just been shutting off the power bar that it's plugged into.

He put the temperature controlled focuser through several power-up cycles and saw that it worked correctly: the focuser drew in, fully, and then moved out to the last focus position. However, he noticed ratcheting and clicking noises from the unit. It made him wonder if there was a problem with the stepper motor.

He's put in a query to Optec.

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