Friday, June 08, 2012

TV repaired

Tim L repaired the Tele Vue 101 at the CAO.

The weird D-shape we noticed when the telescope was defocused was, in fact, caused by a wasp nest (or egg case)! How it got in the optical tube assembly, we can only guess. Someone must have left a cap off one weekend... Tim removed the tail piece from the refractor and extracted the mud. Incredible.

While he had the tail piece off, he cleaned the outer surface of rear lens/window. He was a little surprised to find this element in the OTA. He was expecting, since it is not a NP 'scope, that the tube would be open.

He also cleaned the objective. It was filthy, he said. I can't wait to use it now.

Another interesting discovery was that it seems Mr Nagler decided to use emery cloth as the flocking material inside the 'scope. Fascinating that he'd choose a somewhat abrasive material...

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