Tuesday, June 05, 2012

squeezed in some chores

Tended to a variety of errands and tasks over the course of the afternoon.

Gave some CAO cash to Phil, to give to Scott. (But then I heard later that Scott was in Hawaii.)

Everyone was bellyaching about no internet, no email, no Facebook, no instant messaging, no web, no Google+, no Yahoo, no flickr or smugmug or photobucket. The diehards were tiring of running down to the work room to connect via hard line directly to the router. And Sharmin would arrive soon—didn't want to have to answer to her! No news-as-it-happens! People saying they wanted their money back. There was nothing to do! But sit around and talk to each other... So I started working on the LAN.

I found the Bruce Street installer's notes and verified the configuration of the "main" router. This Linksys DSL/cable unit, from the old provider, was being repurposed now, reprogrammed. The old d-Link router was reported "dead." Odd. Anyway, since the Linksys router was running a new subnet, and it was not wireless device, no one was having any luck connecting.

I checked the upstairs wifi router. This Linksys was still acting as a switch, which was good, but it was conflicting with "new" downstairs router, which was bad. I reprogrammed a unique IP address. And with that I restored the local wifi service. Pretty quickly. Everyone was happy.

Even I was rather pleased. The internet service seemed quick. Web sites "snapped."

Then I started working on the d-Link, Dietmar's old unit, to serve as the wireless access point in the Geoff Brown Observatory. But as it started getting busy on the site, I put it down to finish later.

Phil, Dietmar, and I discussed where Jean had left her camper van. Parked parallel to the lot, it was taking up a lot of space. We agreed to move it between the house and the propane tank. We couldn't find her key at first but it was, in the end, where expected. Neither Dietmar or Phil could start it so I jumped it and fired up the old beast.

At one point, I remembered that I needed the mixed fuel gerry can, so to repair the 2-stroke trimmer, back in the city. Moved the small jug to beside my car. Ready for tomorrow's return trip.

At 5:15 PM, I realised I was running out of time. Prepared dinner on the BBQ, a nice steak.

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