Saturday, June 30, 2012

built at new TPoint model

Around 10:00 PM, I started steps to build a new TPoint model for the Paramount ME. And quickly it blossomed into a huge undertaking. Which I don't think I was fully prepared for, despite Dietmar's guidance. He insisted that I use the SBIG camera. So we had to spend time hooking it up, testing it, focusing. Complicating matters was the cabling requirements. We needed to use short cables. In the end, we set me up on the observatory floor, at the base of the pier, under the C14 OTA. It was kinda cool on one hand, I felt like Ellie Arroway, under the big telescope; but it was uncomfortable seating, it was mentally demanding, and the mozzies considered me dinner. After a fragmented tutorial by Dietmar, I started collecting points, intending to capture more than the current model. That didn't look difficult on paper. But that neither of us knew who to use AutoMapper, I had to do it by hand. Slow. Slow. Slow and painful. I barely made it to 50.

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