Tuesday, June 26, 2012

gonna get a Pyramid

Charles, Phil, Tony, and I sourced Pyramid regulated power supplies. We need a 10 ampere unit, the PS-15K (or KX) model, for the CAO to run the Kendrick dew heater system, particularly now that I've put 2 more heaters on the controller, and that it is blowing fuses in the Koolatron transformer...
  • Kendrick. Over $100.
  • Radio World. Over $100.
  • Sayal. Their web site showed various units but not the 10 A model. $80.
  • AA Electronics. On Matheson. They don't carry it.
  • Forest City Surplus. London. $80.
  • A1 Electronics. On North Queen. $79.40. In stock.
The plan now is to get one from A1. With luck, I'll be able to find some short slow-burn 5 A fuses as well.

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