Wednesday, June 13, 2012

done book

Finished an astrophotography book from the TPL. I wonder how many of our members have checked the Toronto Public Library catalog.

Astrophotography by Harry John Philip Arnold was enjoyable. Not too heavy. Covered a wide range of subjects, targets, equipment, techniques, etc. Lots of good tips and tricks. It is a little dated. But that cannot be helped in such a dynamic field. I made many notes when he recommended exposures, speeds, ISOs, etc.

I particularly enjoyed his discussion on extended objects and how one must consider focal length or lens diameter when choosing a target. And his suggestions for photographing the Moon, given its size. I liked his home-grown DIY dew heater! When he talked about imaging faint Earthshine, he pointed out that the Earth's albedo increases approximately 10% in winter. I had never thought about that.

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