Friday, June 22, 2012

impromptu at Long Sault

When Stu posted his follow-up report to Wednesday night deep sky observing session—sorry! dark sky observing session—no wait! dark sky star party, that's it!—at the Long Sault Conservation Area, I think it made a few people jealous. Stu's remarks were already enticing when Jason jumped in, saying he didn't want to leave. And was very late for work. I wished I had gone.

Katrina bemoaned the fact that her work does not allow her much time in the week. So the "regular" sessions she cannot make. She then asked if people went on Friday nights. Jason, Steve, and Chris said they'd be game. Steve mentioned they had, in fact, done impromptu sessions before. A great thing about using a listserv.

And then, subtly, suddenly, the discussion had shifted to this Friday. Phil said he'd go. He and Jason were already making carpooling arrangements. Stu said he'd return. Steve changed his destination from the CAO. Suddenly, it was on. Friday night impromptu DSSP at LSCA.

Phil asked if I wanted to go. Damn. I had all my gear set up on the porch! There was no way I was gonna tear down... So, I passed. The other issue was, oh, look, the weather! It was lookin' a little iffy. Steve had noted that too, clouds forming over Lake Huron and Georgian Bay, but decided LSCA was going to be a bit better than the CAO. Not this time...

Ironically, Katrina chimed in. She couldn't go tonight!

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