Friday, June 29, 2012

settled in

Kiron and I arrived at the Carr Astronomical Observatory around 2:45 PM. I asked if he wanted to practice opening the house. A few minutes later Millie and Dietmar arrived, still in the Saturn...

I returned the Sky and Telescope magazine to the library. Hooked up the new Pyramid 12V power supply to the dew heaters. Found, in the Tony Horvatin Observatory, the grease Big T had talked about. Indeed there was only a little left like he recalled. I also noted it described as all-weather; nothing about low-temp. Tended to some emails.

Later, I needled Dietmar. I noticed the chief supervisor had ticked all the check boxes in the left column of the Geoff Brown Observatory log sheet, including the rodent check... Ha! Busted!

Then I moved into the THO. Dibs! I was looking forward to observing in it this weekend having missed a chance a couple of weeks back. Hopefully, I'd be able to hide from the moonlight. Bloody Moon. And the bugs would find me, as easily...

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