Thursday, July 16, 2015

took a Windsor call

Took a very strange telephone call. The man opened with "Are you the observatory?" Ah... I assumed it was someone from Thornbury or Collingwood hoping to visit. He mentioned the Comber (?) Observatory in Tilbury. Said he was in Windsor. Ah. OK.

Asked if we had a telescope and could take photos. This line of questioning immediately seemed strange. My BS Mark I sensor activated.

He then asked if we could take images of aircraft flying over his property. Explained that there was some residue from said aircraft and he wanted to identify and document the parties involved. Excuse me?! I suggested he call the local authorities, in particular, the local airport, as all air traffic was regulated. He balked. BS meter went up another couple of ticks.

He wasn't interested in hearing my thoughts. I explained we were hundreds of kilometres away. And besides, a telescope couldn't follow an aircraft in that way. I suggested he consult a photographer with long lenses. He balked. And I grew upset because he wasn't listening. I just gave two valid options.

Asked his name. He refused to answer. He turned belligerent. Like I was part of The Conspiracy. Now he was wasting my time. I closed with "Sorry, can't help you."

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