Friday, July 17, 2015

short session in bad seeing (Blue Mountains)

[ed: Very poor notes. I had to take some guesses at things here...]

11:38 PM, Thursday 16 July 2015. Reviewed the local weather station data. Wind south, wind speed 16.1, high speed 27.4, 10 min avg 16, temp 16.2, dew point 11.0, humidity 71 (yeh!), barometer 1015.5, had been very steady all day.

11:43 PM. Holey moley. There IS a star there! [ed: I did not document this further. Turns out it was spotting a star, in a good photo, very near to HD 133389.]

12:16 AM, Friday 17 July 2015. Helped Risa, sorta, with her image capture. Couldn't focus. Couldn't see anything on the display.

1:01 AM. Seeing was bad.

Viewed 78 Ursae Majoris. Looked like a very tight double. Two equally bright pale yellow stars. It's a very tight pair according to ST3P. [ed: Cannot tell from these notes if I well and truly split it. In SkyTools, I added the Re-observe icon. Haas says they are unequal stars...]

1:19. I was in bed. Sadly, the sky had turned very soft. Bad seeing.


Unfortunate, the conditions, for our guests who had arrived—with high hopes—on Friday night. Others were rolling the dice, deferring their arrival to Saturday.

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