Sunday, July 12, 2015

quick shot of Pluto (Blue Mountains)

Did real quick processing of a Pluto image from last night, er, this morning, at 2:38 AM.

Celestron 14" SCT, f/11, Canon 40D, ISO 1600, 120 seconds, Paramount ME, unguided. Minimal processing in DPP. Average transparency and poor seeing.

North is up; east is left. The bright yellow-orange star at the top-right is HD 175972. Pluto is magnitude 14.11 according to SkyTools. Faint field stars are in the 14 and 15 range.


Wikipedia links: Pluto and New Horizons.

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AstroTasmania said...

Excellent shot-not an easy one by any means even when you find the field! movement over a few nights is always nice to see and confirm too.
Clear skies...