Thursday, July 16, 2015

time warp

Headed into Collingwood. Around 2.

Ugh. They were tearing up the 119.

Went to the-store-formerly-known-as-Radio-Shack to see if they had "classic" serial cables, or parts, or on the very off chance, a serial-RJ 6-wire adapter. Nope. Nothing. The sales associate then told me, We're no longer an electronic parts store; we're a phone store. Oh. OK.

He went on to say that there was a shop, in the east end, called Ideal Supply. They might have what I was looking for. "Near the Toyota dealer." I drove back and forth but couldn't spot it. Whew. It was hot out.

I did see a computer shop though. The Computer Doctor. Pulled into the driveway. Gah. Closed Thursdays as they were manning the Barrie store.

Picked up my groceries. Goofed here too. Initially I had intended to buy dry goods only. Nothing that needed refrigeration. So, I repacked at cold and frozen goods. It was hot.

Headed to Wayne's. It was hot. After putting my sensitive groceries in his fridge, I received the quick tour. Then we settled down at the computer. We worked through a few astronomy matters on his Macintosh, with emphasis on Backyard Nikon.

Kept noticing that all his clocks were wrong.

Was thinking of the observatory, guests arriving, dinner on the grill. So I bid adieu. Given that the skies seemed to be improving, Wayne said he'd join us later. OK. See you soon! Took 26 and 40 back. Got my wires crossed at the Seventh Line (expecting Fifth) so went the long way 'round.

Many guests had arrived. Holey moley. Everyone was well into their dinner plans. It was after 7:00 PM... What?! Did I go through a temporal causality loop?! I looked again at the ASUS tablet: it reporting the wrong time. Rebooted Ananke. She jumped ahead a couple of hours. Crikey.


Ideal is near the Toyota shop. 290 Pretty River Parkway. But on the west side. I was looking the wrong way...

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