Tuesday, July 14, 2015

the Sun through a clear band (Blue Mountains)

9:00-ish PM. Watched the deep red sunset. Quite beautiful over the escarpment. Waited... waited for it. But no green flash.

There was virtually no cloud low in the west but there were thick bands a few degrees up through to overhead. That put a kibosh on planet watching... Boo!

Wanted to see the young Moon, Jupiter, and Venus.

9:23 PM. It was windy and cloudy.

I checked the Davis data. Wind north or 5 degrees, current speed 22.5, the high was 37, the 10 minute average was 18 (too high for the C14), the temperature 16.6, dew point 16.0, humidity 96 (youch!). Happily the barometer was rising—yeh! It had been 997 at 4 PM; now it was 1035.

The CSC showed improving skies after midnight.

Three hours to go...

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