Wednesday, July 29, 2015

log notes postmortem

After a thorough review off all my notes and photos as well as the notations in SkyTools, from my week at the CAO, I have come to the conclusion that I lost data on the following items:
  • double star LY Ser
  • Turtle planetary nebula
  • Dumbbell planetary nebula
  • double star HD 186224
  • double star HD 139555
  • double star HR 5816
  • double star HD 176351
  • IC 3568 planetary nebula
I am not concerned with the Turtle or the Dumbbell as I've viewed these before and they are logged. All the other items I had not created a log entry for. And except for 186224, they all show the Observed status in the SkyTools list. Which suggests I saw them clearly. Damn. This was likely captured in audio recordings, subsequently corrupted.

That said, the observing list had 109 entries total. 43 items have some sort of Observing Status flag set. Combined with the separate list used for imaging Rasalgethi with 15 observed (photographed), I did pretty good.

Still, I hate losing data. Irksome. And through the week I kept having a fleeting thought of having a separate ST3P observing list for each day. But that just seemed like too much work.

Just don't let the batteries get really low in the Sony!

No point crying over spilled milk.

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