Wednesday, July 29, 2015

checked WDS on HD 133389

Light bulb. Said in one's best Gru voice.

Popped into the WDS. Headed into the 15s. Holy smokes! There were 2 entries for HD 133389:
15025+4745H 6  53AB 1901 2002...  0 358 86.7 87.3 8.80 12.43 G5...
15025+4745L  9001AC 1911 2002... 65  71 12.4 11.5 8.80 14.3  G5...
I double-checked the distances in SkyTools with the Angular Measure tool. Bingo!

G stars. Orangy.

B is noted as magnitude 12.43. ST3P shows 10.9 for B in the Object Information box for the AB pairing. When one points to the star, in shows as 12.9. On directly viewing the star in the OI box, it is noted as 12.89. Close. Close enough.

The big deal is the other star, the nearby one. According to the WDS, this is a companion, the C star. Cool! The discovery designation is L 9001 AC. WDS says it is mag 14.3. ST3P is completely different (as previously noted). Also, it is not shown as a companion.

What a crazy ride.

So, I think I have some good data now from Greg.

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