Monday, July 13, 2015

assessed the fiber optic extension

Tested the strange USB-optical cable we've submarined between the Warm Room and Paramount pier, the Opticis Co. M2-100.

I shouldn't say tested. It just didn't work at all. On plugging into a computer, the OS would detect a hub, and then immediately it would disappear, and then start cycling. I was surprised to find documentation in our cupboards and on the web.

I wanted to power it but the notes said it needed input power of 5VDC at 2.6A. While there were a couple of AC adapters with the correct plug, I could not find one with the right specs. Reluctantly, I tried one. The 1 ampere power supply did not improve its function.

This result seemed consistent with rumours I had heard. My assessment is that this fiber optic cable never worked or was damaged in the installation. I think we should pull it out...

I'm still looking for a long-length USB cable solution...

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