Monday, July 13, 2015

fixed the comet crash

While logged into Katrina's TheSky 6 profile, I tried to load the current comets. Ka-boom! Ah yes, the same error thrown, the sudden death crash I had seen a month or so back.

Googled the matter. All right! Found links into the Bisque support web site. Had to dig out my old Bisque web site credentials... Found the relevant article (restricted access).

It required editing the registry (under Windows XP). Oh ho.
  1. Found HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Software Bisque\TheSky6\URL
  2. Created a new string value.
  3. Entered "Observable Comets".
  4. Modified the new element.
  5. Entered the value "".
It worked. Added the current comets in.

Sent a note to the supers.


This does not seem to work now, with TheSky 6, with security changes on servers.

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