Sunday, July 19, 2015

caught a break (Blue Mountains)

Lucky with the weather. The skies cleared, suddenly!

9:35 PM, Saturday 18 July 2015. We ran a sky tour for our guests. The girls, Brian and daughter, Risa's friends, et al. Both Phil and I ran the show. Good having a supervisor and an asst. sup!

Let's say the boy was very curious...

11:30 PM. We viewed Saturn, Titan, Rhea, and Iapetus.

Risa and Andrew figured out the inflate-a-bed after some quick instructions—rather quick on my part.

1:14 AM, Sunday 19 July 2015. I reacquired Pluto, at last. It had been difficult in the average conditions. And then we hit the meridian and after the flip I had to do it all over again. At last, several saw it visually. Gah.

Brian returned to the observatory. I did a sky tour of some of the fun showpieces.

We got clouded out. It was good while it lasted.

Brian stayed with me to the end. He helped me quickly close up.

Found the girls in the kitchen. They wanted to stay up to dawn to catch Mercury. OK. Have fun!

2:27 AM. I was in bed. Thankful for the break in the clouds.

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