Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Pluto moved (Blue Mountains)

Got lucky with the weather. Between two bands of clouds I had very clear skies. I needed an hour; it was clear for an hour and a half. Shot Pluto, a short time from the New Horizons probe fly-by. The tiny planet had moved westward a fair amount, over 2.5 minutes-of-arc, in 2 days.

Image shot at 2:08 AM. Same settings as the other night, i.e. 120 seconds at f/11, ISO 1600. Unguided, manually focused. Very little change, this time, in DPP. North is up; east is left.


Unknown said...

Can you put the two images together and "blink" them?

bla said...

I plan to try that, Katrina. I need my more powerful software at home...

I'm also gone try another shot tonight for a total of 3 shots over 6 days.