Saturday, July 25, 2015

right to copy

Ian W texted me. Was trying to drop the copyright symbol into a text box in Photoshop. I immediately thought of the Alt key four digit sequence. But I didn't know the code, of the top of my head. If my old Psion were alive, it would take just a few seconds to look it up... Didn't think I could do the same thing on the ASUS. But then I considered his computer. If he was using a laptop, the Alt key trick would be complicated by the embedded keyboard layout. In fact, I replied with that query, which computer was he using. By the time we connected, he had remembered the Windows CharMap app and transferred it in. Right! Of course. I had totally forgotten that. Or not gotten 'round to it, yet. He then shared he had tried the Alt method. That gave me a chance. I suggested he might have to turn on NumLock mode in the embedded keypad. And, on top of that, use the laptop's Fn. I think he tried it and get that working. Good.

By the way, the code is 0169.

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