Wednesday, June 06, 2012

gave up on Saturn (Blue Mountains)

It cooled off!

I showed Dietmar the Stellarium landscape with his photos.

After 11:00 PM, we viewed Saturn, briefly. Tried to view the ringed planet with the MallinCam on the LCD monitor. It was very challenging to operate without the MCC software... it was just too slow and cumbersome, searching for the right settings to enhance the view. We really need a serial-USB with the old one having grown legs and walked away.

A short while later I parked the C14.

I closed the roof. Manuel G asked if I was locking the GBO; no. He asked if he could put stuff inside, overnight; yes. Katrina asked if she could put stuff inside, overnight; yes.

After midnight, I invited Manuel S to the Toronto Centre's Yahoo Group.

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