Saturday, March 12, 2022

transferred lists from ST4

Synced successfully the data from SkyTools 4 on John Max to the test target.

It worked too!

That filled me with a great sense of satisfaction and relief.

I've been working too long in this scattered way...

(I wasn't really expecting the synchronisation process wouldn't work, actually. But I did some wrangling before the transfer, and I had to ensure that I didn't bring across location or equipment information for none of that applied.)

I have helped Greg for many years with beta testing the software and had it installed on the desktop computer for convenience and speed. But more and more I was using the application on the home office computer as opposed to the mobile device. Now some of the observing lists I made were experimental, I was just goofin' around. But some of the new planning lists were real, for real projects, for real scenarios. And the BGO projects: it was just natural to use the desktop PC.

Anyway, long story short, it was good to have all lists, everything, from ST3, from the testing ST4, over on a new clean fresh install.

It feels comfortable. Calm.

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