Monday, March 07, 2022

migrated v3 lists

I completed the migration of data in SkyTools 3 Pro on John Max to John Repeat Dance.

Movin' stuff around...

old suitcases

Over the months I had used ST3P on the desktop for various projects and lists, some experimental, and some for neat future projects. It meant, though, that the two installations where not synced. I still considered the Repeat Dance the master but there were some things not there. So I manually compared, reconciled, and migrated over the data.

(Actually, I started the comparison a couple of weeks ago but only got about 75% of the way through.)

Overall it went fine. I had a few... moments. When I found that 465 plotted stars in the Vulpecula double list did not map properly, my heart skipped a beat. A bug! But I hacked it, exported the actual star names to a text file, sliced and diced in Excel, made a new text file, dropped that into the share, pulled that across the network, to the working folder on the desktop space of the netbook, and imported into ST3P on the old small computer. I was probably turning blue until I saw the J correct designations show. Thank the Universe!

Fewer files than I thought too. That made it more palatable.

So that's a big milestone. All the data from the platforms is in the master location.

Did a full backup.


I'm ready to try, again, the big sync into SkyTools 4...

With R12.

Which hopefully will transfer the observing status...

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