Tuesday, March 29, 2022

downloaded April Journal

Downloaded the April Journal of the RASC.

Noted lots of references to members of the Observing Committee. That was kinda cool.

cover of the April '22 Journal
Nice sketch by Eric K.

An interesting articles on the pros and cons of one-shot colour and monochrome cameras. I look forward to reading that.

And I will enjoying reading Gainor's article on when the Apollo 11 astronauts visited Canada.

My Binary Universe column features the Canadian-written COELIX software for Windows which I used to generate an almanac for the year (like that produced by Sky & Telescope). Now I can do it myself. Or generate one for any time and location!

Lots more great content and images, of course.


Fan mail section:

Randall sent a note.

Am I grateful I read your article in the April _JRASC_!  I too am addicted to those _Sky&Tel_ annual almanacs, and Jean's program is a way to cater to that addiction on demand (as it were)!

No, thank you.

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