Friday, March 04, 2022

spotted new growth

My sister gave me an "aurora" plant a few months ago.

I shot a photo for her to show the new growth. Rather colourful pale violet and green leaves...

aurora plant new growth

Number One Sister chimed in. Her plant was sprouting too!

I was happy.

I almost killed it.


1 Jun '21. During a Zoom call with my sister, she showed me a gift. She had found an "aurora" plant that she thought I'd really like. Purple and green leaves evocative of the elusive northern lights. She held the plant up to the camera. It looked handsome. 

I thanked her. Looked forward to caring for it.

Been a while since I had some house plants...


During my St Thomas trip of 10 September 2021, we did a few belated and early birthday celebrations.  We had foregone in-person get-togethers for Mom, Sis, Bro-In-Law. They were looking ahead to my big day later in the month.

I took receipt of the healthy plant.

She told me it was a succulent. Didn't need a lot of water.


I did some research into the Tradescantia Nanouk plant, also known as Fantasy Venice.

"Likes bright, indirect sunlight or full sunlight." Huh? What the hell does that mean? I put it in diffused light in a south window.

I tried to propagate new plants from tips and stem cuttings. Online articles said it was easy. Nothing took...

The leaves started drying and dropping off rapidly. Crikey! It was dying!

The interwebs said to water once a week or when the top inch of the soil is dry so I started a weekly regime of about an ounce or two. I moved it to a clear-glass southern window. And turned the corner, thank the Universe.


Barely visible in the photo is the ceramic container. That too was a gift from my kind sister.

ceramic and bamboo planter

The planter has ceramic pot atop a wood base. Constellations adorn the outer wall of the dusty light blue kilned surface.

I will transfer to the container proper once the plant is strong.


What are the little tiny sparkles inside the leaves?!

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