Tuesday, March 08, 2022

saw status and priority!

Did another migration test. Made a Sync Database from SkyTools 3 Pro on John Repeat Dance, pushed it through the WLAN, copied it to the Lenovo—recently wiped. Installed SkyTools 4 Visual Pro, updated it to the R12 version, loaded the Extended Star Data, and the MPCORB.

Then, I loaded in the Sync data....

Holy Universe!

It worked!

happy, happy, joy, joy!

All the observing status and priorities came through! Yes!

I'm a happy camper.

Posted on the Skyhound forums.

There are little glitches but I can deal with them.


The take-away is that the status and priority data IS in the Sync Database. It was that the Sync import in ST4 was not reading that data. Interesting...


So... taking stock. This has all been experimental. To learn the process, understand what was involved, and primarily ensure that my personal data arrived intact in the new software. That's been done. Test complete.

But what do I do now? What do I do for observing sessions? Or imaging sessions? If it's clear this weekend, I'll want the ASUS by my side. Until there is a replacement for the Windows XP machine, I want to keep ST3P alive. That means, it remains the "master" database for now. 

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