Thursday, March 10, 2022

tested shortcuts in 4

Developed a new shortcuts listing for SkyTools, for version 4.

Last did this for SkyTools 3 Pro back in November 2015. At the time, I wanted a complete listing for ST3P, for all the screens in the software, procedurally oriented, of course.

But as I ran into differences in the new software (e.g. Enter key is no longer used to check or tag an item in a list) I thought it time to make a new list. A refresh.

And this time, I made a departure. Rather than note exceptions, which was a bit of a brain-bender, I felt it better to have complete and self-contained listings for each tab and chart. Makes for a longer document but eliminates jumping around. Overall, though, the format is the same, shortcuts grouped by screen, be it a list or a chart.

Also conducted an extensive cross-check, pressing every key to see what would happen...

This exercise also presented (as usual) learning opportunities. There are some keyboard shortcuts I should put to use in the future to work faster. Like, advance or retreat one time unit. Or show more or less stars.

And my testing exposed bugs which I reported to the developer. Still shakin' down the app.

There is some work to do yet. Need to test some of the keys only designated for a full extended keyboard. And the telescope control shortcuts. Will need to connect the mount...

So, I'll release it soon... Shouldn't be long now...

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