Tuesday, January 18, 2011

upon reflection

In one of the little metal cases Mom gave, there was a mirror in it. I think it began life as a cosmetics case; now it is housing dew fighting astronomical accessories. The mirror is in the lid liner. It is kinda useless in the current application but I hadn't given it much thought.

Some time ago, last summer or fall if I remember correctly, the lid liner broke away from the lid. Old glue. It was annoying and getting in the way but I just kept shoving it aside.

It occurred to me yesterday, while in fix-it mode, that the liner could be repaired, reaffixed, reglued. But then I thought, hey, could use that mirror somewhere else.

I removed the 23 x 7 cm piece of silvered glass. I'll clean it up and put it in astronomy box α. It will prove useful when viewing paper charts and I need to laterally invert them, to match the eyepiece presentation of a telescope with an odd number of reflections.


It would prove very useful months later...

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