Thursday, January 13, 2011

helped RASC today

Did a bunch of things for the Toronto Centre today.
  • gathered a bit more information (from Ralph) on the 2010-2011 council, committee chairs, and other volunteers (after stomping about, pulling teeth, and pushing rope)
  • and updated photos
  • updated Guy on my video recording the yesterday's meeting
  • and enquired as to next steps to convert the video
  • and made it clear that I don't want to do that...
  • added Steve to the CAO supervisors listserv (and welcomed him)
  • encouraged Dietmar to use the CAO list for email communications
  • checked all deep sky observing session dates (and found one fault)
  • updated the 2011 monthly calendar and uploaded it to the Council list (again)
  • chatted some more with Brenda about the Yahoo!Group calendar
  • asked Jason if he's willing to do more editing on the web site
  • posted an article about the astronomy film at TIFF
  • then messaged the group about the event
  • created a CMS account for Matt and told him to call me when he's ready to learn it
That's enough I think.

1 comment:

SharminC said...

That's a lot got done! As it's believed: "When the situation becomes critical, the strong will work harder to meet the challenge." AKA "When the going gets tough, the tough get going" 

Great contribution Blake! Thanks!