Monday, January 17, 2011

tune ups

Using all the gear over the last couple nights, I've found some things missing, broken, out of place, etc.
  • added a missing washer to telescope tripod leg bolt, before finding the original in the tripod bag
  • put the extra washer in the parts-and-tools compartment of the mount case
  • flipped cam shafts so they are oriented the same way on each leg
  • noticed all the cams are rusty; I guess they're not stainless steel; oil bath perhaps?
  • tried to find a wing nut to replace the nut on the tripod tray, to no avail
  • tightened the tripod feet (with a small Philips screwdriver)
  • tightened the tripod legs (with Allan key in mount case)
  • checked the objective of the 9x50 finder scope (fairly clean)
  • checked pencil grades already in sketching kit (B, 2B, and 4B)
  • added harder pencils to sketching kit (HB and H)
  • tested the fitment of the heatech coffee cup warmers to the finder scope and binoculars (to see that they just might work!)
  • re-attached the retaining clip to the telescope-mount screw (which I happily found on the porch)

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